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skin. It is a cold air bath instead of a sponge and

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but a local cell proliferation. In the induration of

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its relation to the medial line of the body. George Ryerson Fowler.

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case in which the diagnosis of syphilitic disease had been more

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and that will not at the same time displace the radius. He

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on tissues whose resistance is lessened by various causes. The bacillus

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Dr Semple thus concludes his remarks on the surgical treat

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colored crystals could be found. In gangrene however the shreds of

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were general from the beginning. In these cases toxin units were

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lady who has remarkable power over animals. She is able to conquer

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better not to disturb it so it was allowed to remain.

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hie had subsequently taken ten grains of the Sulphate of Copper

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are redissolved while a cloud due to albumen is permanent. On

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director generally attempts to convey the idea to the

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several days or even months subsequently to it. De

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to be used for Spongia tosta this is cut and roasted H.

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Dr. Currey from the Committee on A oluntary Contributions submit

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were published and the later ones are characteristic

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took the ground that not all brain tumors which could be

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account for the position of the placenta was a most rational one.

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one gave the plaintiff unwise advice whether it was the physicians

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parts flocculi of various sizes or a distinct lining varying in

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Reduction in the degree of anaesthesia is sufficient to make

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April th and found her to be suffering from acute folli

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dominal pain had not altogether subsided it was thought ex

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times its normal size dense and often easily torn. Fre

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cipal obstacle to successful reduction is easily overcome

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