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then in front of the shoulder of the opposite side, over the withers and
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and unfounded, unless upon instinct -the more have we known
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I am fully aware of the disadvantages of a rule of universal
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the disease and its mildly contagious character. This disease, more-
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injury, by bad management and unwarrantable interference.
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cavities is extremely simple. The observer notes the degree to which
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At a later stage there is rapid wasting and disordered appetite, and
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Treatment. Little can be done to check the development of the
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part affected. If it is quite superficial, apparently only affecting the
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sented as the son of Apollo, and the pupil of Chirou, and who, after
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culty of examination. When the cornea is very opaque examination
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If then, this evening, we can attempt to repeat methods for
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conditions seldom or never occur in the sires of domestic animals.
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vironment are usually chiefly at fault, the subjects have been kept . . .
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sarcoptic mange to men and horses. In 1851 Walraff noticed an epi-
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thence gradually changing to the westward, settles in tne south-west, at
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be covered with viscous blood-stained mucus, resulting from the sero-
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under a yoke. This mode of working gives less individual liberty to the
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The mucilaginous change in milk can be prevented by ordinary
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anterior extremity of the penis behind the appendix. The shepherds


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