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toms and effect of treatment in these cases, and re-

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if it is more than 0.6 C., nephrectomy should never be done; if tne lowering

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To ten pounds of melted sugar add the following mixture,

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was ragged, and freely admitted my forefinger to the

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there were no natural causes which woidd have destroyed life within twelve \

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nience ; but, if very numerous or large, they may give trouble by distend-

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the circulatory disturbances induced by the rigidity of the sclerotica."

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lozenge-shaped or rhomboidal, with the angles more or less rounded, and

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of these rays upon a woman, twenty-two years old, with acute and

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ish Medical Association at its recent meeting, and reported

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if not impossible, to define accurately what parts are chiefly affected.

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cut the throat so thoroughly that a simple transverse

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For the route of the circulation of the blood, see Physiology.

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diced, and it was evident that the latent cause of her disease was, in all

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sequence. Nevertheless, we shall seldom mistake the two diseases,

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were no signs of embolism. The splenic vein was throm-

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(school age): up to 1 tablet t.i.d.; children (pre-

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its commencement exercises May 23, and graduated a class of

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made, by a vote of 7D to 23, but we refuse to believe that this is

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special associations. Heat and moisture of the skin are more often met

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nation, as (me coitus lasts for many generations. But,

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After carefully preparing the field of operation, I introduced a large

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counted as a symptom of these diseases themselves. ' In one case

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quired Greek during the last fifty years, and could

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successfully than by opium and purgatives. From one to two draclims of

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when there is any local peritonitis, but it is rarely sufficient to

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nric acid, and the chlorides in the urine are increased. The urine is not

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notably that of solubility. It must therefore be borne in mind that, in


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