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(B.) acted in the capacity of consultant, it would be his duty to decline
the bad disease, and so have I, and so has her father, and I
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AVe have received from Dr. R. Fletcher the following report
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muscles were involved as well as the lower ones ; there was
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gree may disturb its blood vessels and produce engorgement,
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sons but properly qualified chemists. It is also recommended
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plates were then adjusted and secured by silk threads, which,
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sation Committee of the 18th instant be received and ap-
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a registered medical practitioner ; that each registrar be
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tions of atmospheric pressure and the waves of cholera mor-
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tion, between Greenwich and Woolwich. The inventor is Mr. James
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from the surface was attacked in the linea alba ; it contained
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its attendant circumstances, so far as known to them, is re-
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purpose, for in the average case the verdict is dictated by
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'■' solicitor, the registrar, and myself, turned out to be want-
at last to give expression to that feeling of gratitude-
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ment. 1 submit your correspondent should more truthfully represent
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has been called sometimes " pseudo-menstruation," but, as
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'"^iiereditilry history had 150 brothers and sisters, of whom 20.G
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Chapman, Chas. Wm., M.B., CM.Edin.. appointed House-Physician to the
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adoption of the report ; Dr. Adler, who seconded ; Rev.
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house is well ventilated through the sun-light at the top of the
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associated with hypertrophic rhinitis, but on careful-
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in order that they may thus acquire familiarity with the
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brought into notice, especially at Guy's Hospital, where a
mentation bath
altered mentation in dogs
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amount the flow of a fairly profuse menstrual period, seldom
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Gogarty : Cholera. All members of the South-Eastern Branch are en-
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pitals was 2,223, as compared with 2,026 in the preceding
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logist, as also is the suggestion put forward by Dr. Hunter
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out interest to liim. Tlie main object has been to present to
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out the clots and tying above and below. He also thought
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as are placed imder the unfavourable and insanitary condi-
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chloroform and the extraction of one or two teeth, suddenly
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text of a Moxonian homily. It was very much Moxon and very little
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known by the inaccurate name typhlitis. In the place of such
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**To 6 ounces of the solution of bichloride of mercury (B.P ) add m .l.'i
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