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Lecturer on Dermatology and Genito-Urinary Diseases in Rush Medical College,

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hand, when mitral incompetency is secondary to aortic stenosis, the

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temperature rarely exceeding 102° F. (38.8° C.) for two days in dura-

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often as large as a filbert-nut, and rarely as large as a hen's egg. They

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possible by modern means of research. To this end and also with

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the size of the normal organ (as in a case reported by Rumpf ^), and par-

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the uterus and ovaries and examined the records of a number of

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Symptoms. — In the majority of instances the clinical symptoms

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Splenectomy is probably never justifiable in leukemic enlargement.

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bones, and slight swelling, irregularity, or deformity of the ribs, the

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course, in cases of inflammation of the base, the cranial nerves become

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causes a perfectly sound tooth to decav? Decav never occurs

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develops, the initial symptoms common to inflammation of other serous

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Dr. O. Schaffer, of Heidelberg. Edited by J. Clifton Edgar,

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movable type, and partly because of the fact that in instances of the

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these fibers form the white matter of the nervous system.

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advocated the systematic education of the muscles in coordinated

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of the lymphatic glands, those in relation to the involved joint being

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masses running up and clown the back of the pharynx, oftentimes

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grave symptoms mentioned above suddenly developed and carried oif

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leave it for three months, — a doughnut pessary. I don't believe it

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When he received his diploma in 1885, he returned to Portland and en-

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ing second place perhaps to stenosis as found at the internal os,

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Similar changes are observed in the kidneys, enlargement, paleness,

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usually than those in the congenital cystic kidney, which seem to cause

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idea that a given condition is "malignant" or is "merely endometritis'"


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