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from the mountains. Moreover it cools as rapidly as it be
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ine is not a mere tonic in the common acceptation of the
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he small sp ts like fly specks heretofore described and quickly
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Weber If the points of a compass distant from each other
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lations of masses of hardened faeces in the rectum pre
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parative Study of Protozoan Diseases by Dr. Theobald Smith of Wash
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of yellow fever in one epidemic that of S. is estimated to
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by an uninoculated control medium. Separate syringes are used for the
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possible to destroy all malaria carrying mosquitoes or kill all the
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say the temperature became normal. In the evening it fell four tenths
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and the danger of its transmission. If the case is reported by
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the Hindoo physicians far more skilful than the Greek
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vary in form and frequency according to circumstances
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poipt on which he differed from him was in regard to his treatment
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upon an original conformation or even on an acquired laxity of
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destroy the resistance of living cells occasion profuse serous dis
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and renal vessels are frequently the seat of emboli. The left middle
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important in the practical treatment of many medical and surgical
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doubt that haemorrliage was tTie cause of the fatal result.
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When the ataxia involves the vital functions over which the sympathetic
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heads The most suitable tenure for labourers dweUings the
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If recovery is to take place the discharges during the second week become
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puncture is required as the collapsed tunica vaginalis will fall
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so lodged by a cough as to occlude the air passage.
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immobilized the shoulder and arm in such position that
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sequence of a strong belief if not certain conviction that its
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with an introduction by Profeasor WUUaai JuM of mrrard
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of the body and probably upon a weak and moveable state of
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contains a statement of the number of rejected can
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sistible hallucination of memory which may give rise to the impression that
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fimdamental medical sciences led to a steady increase in the amount of
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cases it is better to stitch the cyst to the abdominal
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may become hypochondriacal and are then a source of annoyance
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other words individualize in the matter of prognosis.
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To reduce the temperature I ordered antipyrine in doses of
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prisoned nerve from all its surrounding cicatricial con
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tion was told me over and over again a stereotyped story. Con
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digest the simplest food. the relief of hemorrhage within the skull


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