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Local treatment is rarely called for. Insufflations or antiseptic spraying
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children with flaccid muscles. The "artificial singing bird of
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comprehends the rump, haunches, tail, buttocks, ftiffle, thighs,
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points of interest regarding certain simple, or at least very common,
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very variable one, both as regards the secretion of gastric juice and the
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alkaline reaction in the vagina, and, in approximately 50 per
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of diet :— Porridge and milk, whiting, sole, plaice, fat bacon, and eggs
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has become so from absorption, we see several branching bands radiating
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hours after. It therefore differs in its character from the sputum in the
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Rheumatoid and Infective Arthritis — Rheumatoid and infective
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not tuck down' clofe to the ulcer, but hang loofe over
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remittent, typho-adynamic, and pernicious fevers. The pernicious fevers
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mentioned may be due to swelling of the hepatic cells ; he supposes that
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bowels, as well as line them againft its acrimony :
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forenoon, the two or three loose and somewhat copious stools which are
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of in discussing the etiology of malaria; nevertheless they are only
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and inflamm9,ti6n by their irritating quality. If the
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The sphenoidal headache is very inconstant even in the acute attacks
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ing purge, ibid. And for a more ftimulating one, 87.
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are uniformly diffused through the liver, and there is a great increase of
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sion operation may save vision and relieve headache in these patients
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and old people, chronic gastric catarrh is a serious affection, being much
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the colour of their coats ; for, in the fame climate, the
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have yet to see any necessity for its use. My method of treat-
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tains gallstones and a little brown fluid. On the other hand, if the growth
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per cent. Ivall in 1000 post-mortems found the larynx affected in 239.
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much of this unjust attitude towards the radiologist would be changed.
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such a cause of addiction has become very unlikely, but still the
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back nor does enlarged prostate, malignant or otherwise, unless
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" tains of the northern parts of Spain, to feed all
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conjunctivae, etc. Most usually the lesion is single, and it is always so at
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and emphysematous lung. He removed an enphysematous lung uninjured
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a half, and the third day two fpoonfuls. In another
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is generally late in making its appearance. It is less tractable than the
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tion and dissemination of the malady. Wild animals are also liable to
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efficacious in fcrophulous diforders of the eyes, 137-


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