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On the under surface near the anterior border is a hilum-like groove in

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narks of murderous violence, and if a medical man can be found to admit

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taken not to use an amount of poisonous drug to do in-

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offending agent. This might lead to the supposition

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diastolic bruit at the base beinj; apparently distinct from the

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sections ; it can be used with the base standing on the floor, or on a table

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to be a little smaller. The dose of Liq. arsenicalis had been

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Wednesday, May 28tli and 2'.lth. The President, Dr.

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elements of danger to the patient and effect on the tempera-

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employed for this purpose in the hospitals of New York con-

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excellent effect. The question is, should we take advantage of

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deals with his profession, as a noble and humane science, is rather to point

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ning, prussic acid, arsenic, burn, scald, sunstroke, cut, stab,

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upon arrival in Manila to the commanding general, department

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gen pressure. The average excess of oxygen pressure in the arterial

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of swelling of the muscles. In one of these the left adductor muscle

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eral or unilateral, rarely local), the history of infection or

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method for writing the prescription, in order to avoid

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was transferred to the European pilgrim, who conveyed

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though I have sometimes assisted the emergence of an

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medical schools to practise medicine was afforded recently

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symptoms was very marked, so much so that the patient

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ment Schools, Salisbury, Rhodesia. London : Henry Frowde

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The life-cycle in the vertebrate host has not been very fully

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This case, taken in coiijiiiiction with several similar ones, goes to

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Form of insanity. If any form predominates it is the con-

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which to strike the water, and aid in its progression. More-

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and deliver at once; or a foot may be grasped by the hand and

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use of the static current we have an opportunity of stimulating

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forty-five. It commences as a small nodule below the surface of the skin,


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