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h\ Dr. Lewis S. McMurty, in behalf of the local member:
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of the face and hands, particularly the former. The trouble
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which, by classification, he obtains some curious statistics. He finds that
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by tearing apart some of the vessels between the placenta
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hookworm {Uncinaiia radiata), nodular disease w^orm {(Esopliagostoma
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other morbid, noxious matter which may excite disease in a healthy
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gent necessity. With this object, we may employ torsion, when the
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becomes a source of infection to others of its kind, a fact which
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hence the value of blood-letting when it is desirable to promote absorp-
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it was the only live crocodile in the room. Both the others had been
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solution of iodide of potassium, in which can be dissolved 5 grammes
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down from the throne of the Omniscient; whilst others mistake the
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"wherewith we are darkly bound." By the way, the Archbishop
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suppuration of the axillary and sub-pectoral cellular tissues formed the
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is not only hygienic, but auriferous. They all began life poor, with
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We cannot prove w4iether the forms said to be due in man to excess
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cous surface and controlling the debilitating discharges; and when
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manipulation is often practised in breeding districts, particularly in the
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This third edition cf the work contains eight entirely new
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layer and the muscle. Subcutaneous section is carried out exactly like
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5.6 per cent. ; relapses occurred in 5.1 per cent. The vaccine
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I am not trying to write a eulogy upon the profession,


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