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of hemorrhage, tumor, or what-not, depend, in the main,
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Causation. It is due to the growth of Nicola'ier's bacillus in some
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octavo volume; nor without mentioning that Dr. Kirtland and Prof.
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of this Association have thus far been fruitful of good results. The vol-
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involve the entire thickness of the skin. The dermis is hardly
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Stipation is cured: her arthritis greatly relieved: her failing
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to such an extent that her life had been almost despaired of by her
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is absent ; serous effusions are noticed in the body-cavities, serous infil-
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An acute case of loco disease was observed by Dr. Wilcox in a two-year-
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in our opinion. The first two of these substances certainly cause purga-
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truss or vulval clamp should be applied. Subsequent treatment con-
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Rheumatism and all of its complications is of interest not
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disappear. Under the use of Mendererus' Spirit and Wine whey, he
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matter. Water leached through such soils would acquire car-
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of emollients, narcotics, and diffusible stimulants.
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a condition which probably indicates marked vasomotor disturbance
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The macroscopic diagnosis on post-mortem examination is not so easy
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instances, also, through the remissions, even embracing the whole twenty-
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dence of renal disease. There was no displacement or enlarge-
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that some cases of mammary inflammation apart from lactation have
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indications in each case, — and the arrival at fixed truth, when the prob-
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blood of an adult patient, when insensible to the surgeon's knife, is about
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contracted or is only half-contracted, and that it is filled with a
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papillary oedema, which is a manifestation of compensation.


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