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body of a fat man that had been buried twenty-three days. A discharge

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when the mites are two-thh'ds the size of the adults ; when seven to

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others of the family died in quick succession, and there were six cases of

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Now, we, who have not a reputation to live on after a defeat, cannot

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but as the infected food comes more closely and for much longer

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as acute tympanites — i.e., asphyxia or carbonic acid poisoning ; the

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The passage of this material causes violent straining, which becomes

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mouth is also useful. Liquid diet and quiet should bo ordered

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have formed a right judgment or used a cautious reserve, for I know

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the head against a wall, or the}^ involuntarily recoil or make lateral move-

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sides, I perceived that I was addressing the kind and generous hearted,

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Eespiration is then painful, difficult and noisy. Unless the growth is

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of the mammce upon themselves, upon the ovaries and uterus, and (as a

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After the recess an invitation was presented from the Medical Society of

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ing to his great emaciation, the muscles contracted so much that the

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who have once noticed it, the same smell can be detected in the lower

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those in which certain symptoms are presented associated with

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161 lbs. of sifted flowers of sulphur to every 100 gallons of water,

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apparent. Acceleration of breathing is the dominant symptom. The

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infectious disease ; but soon afterwards appear local indications affect-

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membrane. The inflammation sometimes extends to the muscular coat

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for its sequel facts of still further interest. The mother-in-law of the de-


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