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passed in the form of the figure 8 around the hind limbs above the
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haled is ; so much depends upon how the handkerchief is folded, what
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the formation of this element as essentially a chemical result of
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dissects it loose from the borders of the pillars with a wave
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and now while the assistant makes extension in this direction, the surgeon
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tance of from 6 to 10 inches, according to the size. of
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in character. Constipation gives place to a liquid, blackish, very foetid
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necessary to employ the cystoscope and ureteral catheter to
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On the following day I made the autopsy, assisted by Dr. Davenport.
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reason lies in the disregard of the teachings if history, which
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artery and vein torturous and much diminished in size. One of the
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cases, when the obstructing body is firmly fixed in position, it is necessary
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gradually continues, and the patients, being useless as milch cows,
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not a fellow — such offences being punishable with fine or expulsion.
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When it is further considered that the eye is but a part
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Symptoms. Infectious rheumatism in young animals assumes one
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lege, provided death has not resulted from violence. This laudable love
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"By this means the atmosphere within the curtain is constantly kept
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alimentary intoxication may also occur though the mothers show no
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Going farther, what are the most important elements of
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something about the animal. That something this book
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stages cannot even be identified, and gangrene appears without any pre-
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dilatation of the entire portal venous system (nutmeg liver). In time
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the sole. It is, however, essentially different, and presents closer
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on palpation, proves to be hot and painful ; its centre is occupied
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(Moussu saw an animal aged twenty- eight years which had suffered


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