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its contents has received some shock or violence, and its per-

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during the hours devoted to meals or sleep. They should always be in readi-

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made its appearance on the left shoulder, in the region of the supra scap-

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returning gave thanks publicly in the presence of the people.

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Sec. 8. A physician, when visiting a sick person in the country, may be de-

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In the same report Dr. I. Henry Clark, of Newark, N. J., speaks of

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Insufficiency of drinking water is another and more frequent cause,

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and of the lower jaw is of greater importance. In exceptional cases, where

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higher state of oxidation, and otherwise chemically altered. Here and

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and formidable array, the remedies of the time — as issues, ligatures, fric-

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respiration assumes a rough and rasping character, inspiration is diffi-

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Committee on Malignant Diseases, read an abstract of Dr. Gross's report,

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with that of the quack ; for he asks for your money at the expense of

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h;iiiil\ come into general use; its cosl \ iuld be prohibitive

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greyish or earthy-coloured granulation tissue, which appears as though

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The mediastinum is a space enclosed in the median plane of the

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by expectoration or followed by swallowing movements, is frequent,

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the scourgers, perhaps, deserved, in their turn, to be punished. These

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clouds were visible at the regular hour of notation was live, and the

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satisfy me by his opinion, unaided by exploration, that it would

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Butneria fertilis. — The large oily seeds of the calycanthus, or sweet-


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