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struggle. Vesicants are preferable to mustard, though mixtures of

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cussion of the wall, and particularly to compression of the sole.

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(Esophagus. In consequence of its anatomical formation, situation

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cision may be made in one of three different places.

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of irritation <>r nerve waste which depend upon eye defects

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obvious. Dr. Cormack has seen frequent examples in his own practi

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its use, in from twenty to sixty grain doses, every two or four hours,

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analysis, reveals approximately the following composition : — Carbonic

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arsenic will cure gastritis, and we know it, Ave will adopt it ; and so with

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conv< \.'d to a distance for the analysis of i aits, the cover should

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arteries and veins and resting on the shafts of the iliac ^^^^^' ^

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able increase of volume may be experienced, without the occurrence of

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Lesions. In the first degree the lesions are confined to inflammation

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quently, of the propagation of syphilis. Therefore, to ameliorate the

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a very few hours after these premonitory symptoms have set ui the

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eye predominates and vould seem to be, perhaps, the normal

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notice during that time, three were attended or followed by

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cystitis is set up, this being afterwards maintained by microbic agents

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of the nasal cavities by larvae of certain oestridse. During the succeeding


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