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At the meeting of the Kentucky State Board of Health held

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partly masticated food, and is derived from the rumen ; while the con-

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l«M k it should be used incessantly unless patienl i-^ feeble."

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attended by women, or in regions where sharp objects are to be found on

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adjusts itself to many variations, but it is a source of nerve waste

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exist are broken down and the herniated parts are reduced. It only

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vapor. I accordingly selected an apparatus, consisting of a metalic vase

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perfoliatum, the latter to be drank freely during the intervals of taking

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wonted confidence ever since, and thousands, who held it to be mere

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the meat is fit for consumption. " Volvulus," or twist of the intestine,

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delivered in the winters of 1845-6, and previous to Dr. Codwell's pub-

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vidual, as quite a large portion was spongy and elastic. The consistence

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medical periodicals, and thus have the advantage of receiving medical

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stage ; three or four days after birth the six-legged larvae moult and

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When I compare the quantum of talent engaged in medicine, with

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the rumen being permeated with gases, rise as a fermenting mass into


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