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when the mites are two-thh'ds the size of the adults ; when seven to
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Treatment. Treatment comprises the use of many of the drugs
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the blood through the medium of the air, and by the lungs : 4th. The
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Why is the exploratory diagnosis imperative, when T have
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when dyspnoea is very great and is accompanied by anasarca. Medicines
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(2.) In pelvic hernia a loop of intestine passes between the spermatic
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The parasite is visible to the naked eye, though most inspectors
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very rare. Most commonly the animals are simply dull and somnolent.
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Pregnancy, at the time of my visit, had not been suspected ; but upon
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it is the small intestine which becomes displaced, because it is the
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difficulty by casting the animal on the affected side, placing a block
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The discharges may often be checked without its use, and temporary
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water from the lake by carts, and were comparatively free from
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duces an eschar, which separates in about a fortnight.
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injury, or even the friction due to the animal lying down, causes liquid
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four days before they died. The muscular convulsions resembled those
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one hand it is desirable to leave no cure to the risk of the result of un-


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