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suspended it by securing the round ligaments outside of the recti
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quainted with the principles of Physiology and Psychology, would have
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tions of the hip and shoulder the untorn portion of the capsular liga-
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sioning perplexity and loss of time. For there may be much diversity of
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notice during that time, three were attended or followed by
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Numerous classifications, based on the causes or on the pathological
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Diagnosis. Articular rheumatism can only be confused with osseous
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torsion or "kinking" of the ureters, may bring about hydro-nephrosis.
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once to apply an energetic plaster, or, better still, to resort to firing in
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trix is a little irregular. 4th. — Left for home.
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joint on the dorsal side of the finger. I thought little of this at
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manifested in the body after it has been cut off from the brain and spinal
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forms of fever we have been speaking of, no matter what their analogies
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bellows, grinds the teeth, and may have spasms of groups of muscles
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at a temperature a little above that of the room, must be given and re-
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9th. That the ill effects are not due to any poisonous product arising from the action
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refuse all nourishment, lie down as though exhausted, and sometimes
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well as from the recognized existence of cutaneo-intestinal sympathies,
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was a sufficiently rigid test. To our surprise we found that with merely
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temporary character, or perhaps only of the nature of subluxation, and


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