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disease), the blood should for a short time be infected, microbes pene-

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p veins, — one about l-300th or l-400th of an inch in width when

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and accidents occurring to the stomach and intestines';

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stood, as well as the mode of development of the different parasites.

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clinical forms, that is to sa}^, tuberculosis of the buccal and pharyngeal

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an infection superadded to the distomatosis, if the presence of distomata is

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cury vapor light from their building because of the great strain

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administer chloroform with safety, we shall hear occasionally of fatal

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towards the work in their several communities. He urged, how-

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I have dwelt so long on the necessity of organization of the army

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When the operation has succeeded the testicles gradually atrophy.

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attention to this, for these lakes are the v< find occasional

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tous inflammation of the dermoid system is identical in its anatomical

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jected by the regular faculty is instantly suppressed. All these are

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thus expressed. There is in it a peculiar aspect of cool and calm

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stage, the only mistake possible is that of confounding the condition with

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