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The task becomes more difficult, however, when an attempt is made

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This cavity is opened in front, at the base of the horn, about

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very serious cases blood can be withdrawn from the jugular. This is

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employee in the baggage room was found with an infected throat.

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glad to see the work, for we think the white fibrous tissues in the lungs and

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but he h: ound it in the latter aparl from thesi E: ami-

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linseed gruels, have the advantage of soothing the colic and preventing

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form. The subject deserved and required farther research.

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in Georgia. We will again turn to our own. and an adjoining county,

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To prevent such attacks, fat animals should not be moved for long

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ish, Bemi-transparent, and granular-looking. In general aspect they very

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and its foul odor is perceived in the exhalations from bilge

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ing the action of the lung and heart, and producing the hiccup and short

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consequence of the sensation from both eyes being more intense than from one,

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Hitherto your minds have been severely tasked with prolonged efforts to ob-

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teachers, as they together hurry on from one bed to another, was forcibly

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more important point, animals in good condition preserve their flesh.

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Cystitis, or inflammation of the bladder, may be divided into two


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