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conditions of pressure the foreign body may move and pass into the
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varying quantities. Prom this date the delirium seemed to wear ofi^
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actinomycotic growths. In such cases the administration of iodide of
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Lessened until they were hardly perceptible. The tumor was shown to
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ovine and porcine species than in the foal, and when existing almost
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passes into the peritracheal tissue, from which it gradually invades
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knots when tied shall lie in a direction parallel with the
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In two to three weeks improvement may occur and lead to recovery
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have their proper weight, they should be authenticated, and the impor-
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The history of the case during the winter, with the presence
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as compress and actual cautery. He "took a piece of pure silver plate,
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detected as in adults; vomiting is first discovered, followed by many
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my hand. To my astonishment, my hand immediately began to move,
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epilepsia mitior, for the convulsions were severe, and once at least the
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their physical condition. A patient obliged to submit to iteration
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too marked. A reflex antiperistaltic movement often causes the sub-
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The Michigan Argus, edited by Cole and Gardiner, Ann Arbor, M.
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greater fulness and distinctness of the pulse. Instructions were left to
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are recognized and remedied, the less the danger and the better
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It was formerly thought, a priori, and in consequence of the character


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