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and at the end of the twelve days these parts presented a much more
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" In the subacute forms the lesions are much less marked. The mucous
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the best? And by what course is the immediate danger the
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The closing remark of the author we quote in his own language:
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able against the disease in France. Until then the best treatment
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granulations are said to become luxuriant and vegetating and to give to
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Symptoms. The general symptoms seen during the early stages
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rec ptor for it. which he calls a chemoceptor- Various cells
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second degree, blisters of varying size may develop and break, leaving
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ment and precipitation of ram under slight disturbing causes, which the
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in the dead, and its relation of symptoms, especially those
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haemorrhage. The muscles are discoloured, appear as though boiled, and
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light of their minds illuminated every department of medicine. In their
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the pericardial cavity. These particulars indicate clearly how this form
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inution is a rise in blood tension ; that is, in the pressure un-
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The stump is enveloped in a surgical dressing fixed to the pastern.


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