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however, gives no further information, because the abdominal wall
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harm; yet I am Bpeaking the truth, and if my views are Pol.
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attachment of the morbid growth ; but it attains a much greater size
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pling, as the practice of drinking alcoholic beverages is called, has long
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of water, gargled, makes a grateful wash and ice held in the
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;}. /•'-»-(/. Inasmuch as the patienl is usually attacked in the
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7, 1 * > 1 1 |, states that in a certain proportion of healthy adults the
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homes and surroundings, etc., etc. Unless there is evidence early
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the rumen, and leave as a legacy motor dyspepsia, or even more serious
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modifications of intensity. When diarrhoea has been marked and per-
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cold, he has been trying it in this condition during die past
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rather than a true aneurismal tumor. This appears probable, from the
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It was first described in 1835 by Kegelaar, and has been the sub-
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knowledge he prefers to regard it as an infectious disease of diphtheritic
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the liberty of alluding very briefly to the organization of the University
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usual gurgling intestinal sounds, if the stomach or colon, distended with


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