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sacs and a complete mediastinal partition. The pericardium remains
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enormous number (37,000 to 45,000) of eggs. This unusual fertility of the
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The first thing to do (and in favourable cases all that is required) is
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whatever may be the structure of the morbid growth, or wherever it
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mouth, and swelling, redness, and tenderness of the throat, or colics
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the vitality of the parasites, which j)erish at 120° Fahr.
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removed, injury to vessels, which w^ould favour septicaemic infection, being
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Even though the obstruction does not immediately cease, puncture of
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appeared during the last and even during the middle stage.
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ticable, into our cities, towns, and villages. Wherever there are two or
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Choroid; By J. 11. Woodward. B. S., M. I> Reprint
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black and sometimes fibrinous clots, — while the left side is usually
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the last remedy employed, the result may have been owing to a
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Despite all ou1 vaunted progress, pneusnos la}' the m
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laxative as to be positively poisonous. The accident occurred to a baby,
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and cure, and Bave us, in many instances, from the mortification of making
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be specific : streptococcus of contagious mammitis of milch cows, and


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