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tissue. Like laminitis, it affects all four limbs ; in rare cases the two

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coming in contact with the earth's surface, and frequently

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I believe that you will agree with me that we do not re-

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the organism caused by the development of the foetus.

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tritious food; imperfect ventilation; vitiated air; dwelling in dark, damp

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of the legs and sides of the body, and loss of control or co-ordination of

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tricts, containing such quantities of surface water and filth as

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in doses of about twenty-eight grains in infusion. On the sixth day of

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By careful examination oesophageal regurgitation can very easily be

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may explain why our forefathers observed such good effects

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are incapable of forming a correct estimate of weight or of our own phy-

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lated; secondly, if new sheep are placed in a flock, they should either

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the opposite side with a little wooden mallet. Whatever precautions

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and has the advantage of certainty, which in benign cases

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points out and illust ates bj cases reported, some of the diffi-

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in the human system. The case occurred at the Aims-House in the

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the faeces is very important in certain diseases ; e.g., diarrhoea assumes a


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