Revia Boja Za Kosu

increased pro re nata, which we superintended in person from 9 A. M.,
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Treatment consists in giving stimulants and slight diuretics, such
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esting branch of natural science in its relations to medicine and genera!
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find a disease of low type, called Typhoid Fever, in which the very
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some hours after omitting the wonted dose, are a constant propensity to
revia boja za kosu
sity. The occurrence on two days of eighteeen cases of diphtheria
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difficult, more especially as nails can only he inserted in the external
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intoxication, dissolution of the clot, and inflammation, with consecutive
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fibrous clots distending the articular dilatations are perforated by
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not explain the hypertrophic changes. The nutrition of the bones as
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theory, which attributes health-preserving properties, in a southern cli-
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usually very protracted," says Dr. Sutton, u there were generally severe neu-
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in practice, and if none dared exercise the functions of the physician ex-
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exceed the mean for the particular month at the hour of observation, or if
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may be pushed against the femur and its impact felt. On releas-
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danger of death or disability or other disadvantage, we know
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early stage, when improved diet and the use of suitable drugs sometimes
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With early treatment animals sometimes recover in a few hours.
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The pain radiated along the course of the ilio-inguinal nerve.
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The great triumph of the cystoscope is its ability to make


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