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Thus it is that the humblest of us, and he who labors in the darkest and
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tioned two remedies. {Journ. de Med. et de Cliir. Prat.,
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nected with ankle or wrist plates, to water or gas pipes, which are generally so
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of Chronic Tendinitis and Periostosis of the Fetlock."
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writer gave a resume of the results thus far obtained
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opinions of medical men using autocars in England, and publishes opinions
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lUrold Sherman Ballantyne, M.B., M.R.C.r. Ed., Dalkttik,
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of hematuria and the presence of free bleedings, but chiefly upon the result of
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more or less pyrexia, of irregularly intermittent or remittent type, the
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ference in the reactions to the toxin of the disease shown by different
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Lisbon, Connecticut. The letter stated that until the cities
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in their work is still greater. Public opinion is really the one
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to be unable to contract, and you must take blood by venesection,
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applied, there was an obvious advantage in keeping the head
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What is the number of our rival schools'? Twenty-four: — and if the
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to this form of gout; in her, we have known it seize upon the
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results already achieved by the operation. The capacity of
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tulse, as though pain referred to the right scapular
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chophony. Pulse 96, weak; heart sounds normal; skin hot, moderately dry, but
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attained its full rapidity, are neglected : soon, as appears from the period
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salamander, and finish off that way. Serve the patty-pans up
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Idler factors. It is the object of the Society to prevent
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article on the obstetrical forceps, the writer was about to
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Body that of a well-built muscular young man. Rigor mortis-
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subjects connected with theology and on political questions is well
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the chance. He refers to the mischiefs arising from the use of a
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neuro muscular. Gaz. med. da Bahia, 1897-8, 5. s., i, 49-
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soldiers were to be found. There was ten times more,
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geration of the ordinary phenomena of menstruation. 3d. The inflammatory,
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moved without offering any resistance. Wasting rarely occurs and there an
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arteries bleed in jetting streams of florid blood, and the
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only a very slight glairy discharge. Notwithstanding the
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Had they adhered to the descending colon they would have
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power of 210 diameters, a crystalline deposit of the oxalate of lime was found to have taken
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trace three pysemic abscesses at least. One in left lung, easily
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life, and carrying a patient over a crisis when ordinary means
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of the pregnant woman in the last month, of her pregnancy, is hut little
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case that the worst, and most commonly fatal, cases are usually


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