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again brought her to me for an opinion as to the nature
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1} hours. The pressure was lowered somewhat immediately after the injec-
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In the first operation the child had been dead long enough
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formed without the guide of experience, I have found
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pound of carbon dioxid and hemoglobin (a very doubtful
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situation where the indications of fluid accumulation are best marked,
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against syphilitic infection. Still there are a few cases of infection of these chil-
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denum and a portion of gastro-colic omentum. Dimensions of
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to be dropped into each eye after washing, four times a day.
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of the high standing of the author, that he has treated with electricity four
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of the back. In this manner, the reflex excitability or excito-
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ing glasses or some other means of measure. A common method
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general rule. It is in comminuted fracture, with denudation of the periosteum
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The patient suffers with loss of strength and general debility, in
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The period assigned for the study of tliis arduous Profession
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shouted, ** I am dying," staggered, and fell insensible.
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e.xceedingly numerous, existed over the whole surface of
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of whom deduce very different consequences from the experiments them-
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fore, by crawling into the biliary ducts, and into the chink of the
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This is particularly true of purulent conjunctivitis.
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afterwards Ircim caries of ilium. I'r. South Car. M. Ass..
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traverse the epidermis and reach the deep layers of the skin, in which
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his fears, and he believed it to be something formidable.
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abolish this and to convert the word back to the sense
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the Council, that the number of persons who have been
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pression of the milk or lochia, nor was the urine albu-
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change in the total volume of the plasma, or a reversal of the
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Antital>ercle Semm. B. A. de Schw.elnitz, Washington, D. C.
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