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The animal should be fixed in the trevis, the foot to be operated on
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points which clinical examination is incapable of deciding are often
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scapulo-humeral joint being painful, the patient endeavours as far as
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Prognosis. The prognosis is extremely grave, and almost always
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which deserves description. It is founded on the permanent treatment
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Tuberculous salpingitis is frequent, and exists in a very large
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alate of lime in the urine, the patients have not only been affected with
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wounds produced by sharp stones, are the principal causes of contusion
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Large and small lymphocytes, each of which has a round volu-
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calculus, is of a normal character. Eectal examination usually re-
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also be affected, but this is rarer. All the lower zone is irregularly
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in the duodenum, or the deposit of " typhus matter" in either of the
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Liver. The liver is situated in the right sub-lumbar region. It is
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Dr. Chaumier, according to which rachitis is of an infectious nature.
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The rumen contains ingesta packed in masses, more or less offensive
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improved as to its "hardness," by the application of heat.
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mutually influenced each other, or whether they had any effect, are ques-
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for me to describe, and I was bound by a spell more potent than that
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Finally, another series of causes, and not the least important,
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third of the urethra rather than in the anterior third, where
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their appearance and condition for a longer or shorter time, and,
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weeks since, he commenced a series of experiments with the fumes of the
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structs and which confers ; liberating the professors from the thraldom of
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not explain the hypertrophic changes. The nutrition of the bones as
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fetlock, occurs in working animals, and most commonly affects the front


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