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full inspiration, but whether this phenomenon existed or not in the other

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rheumatic arthritis in the hands, knees, and ankles, but

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has been the formation of committees in the cities above

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in which papers by several contributors highlighted the five physician-

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position. To prevent this the patient must for a few

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i' liiiul ill ilu- hi I I'll!, w iili ,1 ill irl t'i.1 ri'l..ti\ i- CM I'-- 111 nn ini inuv li-.ir-. In

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case appears in many respects to closely resemble one described by

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journey. To avoid vibration he always recommended his patients who

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German work on the practice of surgery furnishes ample

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These wounds are usually of little importance and are easily

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hypoglossal paralysis. As a result of the greater strength of the unaffected muscle,

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the most improved methods of diagnosis, and of treatment both

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opening consistent with a sufficient supply of air, the

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in diagnosis made by the physicians who first attended this

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showed spontaneous icterus, so called. Throughout the work the routine tests

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Fig. 110. Positive centrifugal (systolic) venous pulse in tricuspid insufficiency (Riegel).

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two great principles of treatment. The parents should be

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flesh of the cascavel or Brazilian rattlesnake is a popular remedy here for

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at large, yet many herds are affected, and it is always safest,

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recover by law some compensation. In all such suits, however, the

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there are extensive gangrene of the mucous membrane and putrid de-

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wards, and only observe at present that this condition is only

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tubes are used. He is of the opinion that for small areas the

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thoughts and conclusions arrived at in the course of some

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that under these conditions a form of diarrhoea broke out

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of the afternoon ; in making the change then there are two or three causes of disease

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extension only, beyond 145°, while the other two had a range

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that end the story? No. The next year the chiropractor or osteo-

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information. Use of the tape recorders was very satisfactory and will "be

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stained in a mixture of eosin and methylene blue or, as proposed by

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crease and ultimate extinction of combustion and chemical change in every other part of the

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Dr. McKenzie asked what was the experience of memhevs in operation for

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It will be seen that boiled milk plus typhoid agglutinin acts much

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Septimus Gibbon, M.B. Cantab., 13, Finshury- square.


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