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February 27 — Professor Graham Lusk, of Cornell University Medical
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A Clinical Manual of Mental Diseases. By Francis X. Dercum,
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Alberta, Province of Alberta, Canada. In 1915 he entered the Albany
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holes and cracks in the bedroom is accomplished with paper
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ballot, and the officers as named were duly declared elected.
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State EP Physicians Plan 39th Scientific Assembly 126
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the emergency are congregated in a factory where some do the
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and this desire has been expressed in demands for more effective
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Cough, loud, noisy, stomach cough, with grayish-white tongue.
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procured a new trial, and Louis was commissioned to examine
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abdomen ; and the scrotum remains atrophied and empty.
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5. "Sterility can be admitted in law in a case of incurable
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throughout the cycle, being formed first by the growing follicle
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quite different, conforming respectively to the "electrical" and "molecular"
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'round in spots, like somethin's been stingin' of him,
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impressions were photographed and enlarged, and one of
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The long period of waiting after the equipment was completed
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with pus from this source, it seems almost impossible to clear
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hours on confinement, 90^ ; cases reported to the Guild by 3 health physi-
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numencal increase seen in any of the other dose groups. The rale of hepatic carcinoma
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chemistry, those, for instance, that have been so useful in vitamin
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the enemy. His condition has been serious but is improving.
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unrenewed blood in the capillaries is observed in the purple
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Face-ache, neuralgia, with great exhaustion after the attack. \
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constant BOthat the estimate of '93 is considered near enough for all
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96 by suicide ; and 367 by accident. The 4 deaths by homicide
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Goodwin, H. C, M. D. Equipment and supplies purchased by gen-
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the law has a penalty for any person who, " with intent to pro-
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The autolysis of brewers' yeast should afford a simple inexpensive method
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therapy in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy should be avoided, since significant
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inanition and usher in the final chapter. Meanwhile the pulse
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the war that each man should direct his efforts along the lines
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linked with oxidation. The result in the above experiment sug-
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four years old, in whom the cataleptic condition became so
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nary pathologist does not feel, and he never ceases to question
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The gluteus maximus arises in large part from the posterior


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