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The operation was performed in most cases within four days

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All these phenomena and many others noted in dissecting if

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may be owing to the common method of strangulation as we know

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liver. Double pneumonia followed the operation and death ensued.

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beautiful to the eye soft to the touch or delicious

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total of a liundred and twenty six ounces in twenty days.

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of course on a different platform from Dr. More Mad

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pages that could be more profitably stocked from Mr.

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kept near slaughter houses ard especially should th

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from each other by the posterior median septum and bounded

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in addition to its crystals representing glucose or

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recommended as escharotics in hospital gangrene but their efficacy

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only have the wards of the Infirmary been greatly overcrowded

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from absorption of foodstutfs from the part Lane de

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oxaluria its excretion is arrested or at all events greatly diminished

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dition of the organ. The presence of the pleuritic effu

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establishment of the ulcerations to conduct them to a fa

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re election. Mr. Cock who has done good suit and service to

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sisted merely of a fibrous mass and that complete collateral circulation

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lation and treatment in public institutions of those

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strength. The latter manifestations constituting a cachectic appearance

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fifteen and came out at the end of the session as the highest

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egg conjoined with soifl.e aromatic mixed with lime water or


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