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the incision in the vagina and take particular precautions not to
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if, in cases of hypothyroidism, the administration of oatmeal and
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evacuate the pus and completely wash out the pleural sac with lukewarm
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If the gastric compartments are perforated, an abscess may develop
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adding phosphate of soda, and then aided butter and sugar in the pro-
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distention of the capillaries remaining, which if upon the face, gives to
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In 1860 Zenker found muscular and intestinal trichinosis on post-
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whose friends would not enforce the restriction, where vomiting or the
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them boiled milk diluted with from one-half to two-thirds of boiled
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become complicated by arthritis of the interphalangeal joint, it will
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The strongyles are said not to penetrate the mucous membrane, but
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The Floyd County Medical Society, Indiana, which includes in
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ing to perfect a sewing machine for wounds, but, in spite of the
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mouth and found it possible to maintain an analgesic state in
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locality. Such local report to be sent through a similar Committee of the
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brighter and more glorious future in medicine, and that humanity will
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the finger enter- the sphincter with great difficulty; the sphincter
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It had been described in Germany by Gerlach as early as 1854,
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patients will wash their own stomachs without subjecting them
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conditions with that of malignant tumours, and although some doubt
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to the chapter on the Nervous System, in the fourth edition of Carpen-


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