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Thi- flexion naturally causes a limp, which will he present in
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performed its function as an excreting surface. The mucous surface of
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only temporary. Two which were enlarged before operation did
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M Yet there would seem to be little doubt, not only that this agency
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the first of 'July, and terminating as soon as vegetation is destroyed by
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Nurses are apt to prevent the latter by an imprevLus covering ;
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Viride. As the subject is exciting much attention, we publish the bod)"
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The mucous membrane of the bronchi is violet in colour, in places
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the fourth day and evening ; and finally subdued by the anaesthetic on
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put upon the eye. (2) It increases as we work more and more
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this country, and by it was worked out the only successful treat-
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An ordinary convex bistoury or a special knife and two artery
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and acknowledged respectability, recognized by this association, and who is
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In cases of this character the duration of the disease is usually short, rarely
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went to bed. The urine passed at 7 o'clock the next morning was load-
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which can be adopted to prevent infection. Feeding from troughs
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symptom, viz, deformity. This is present as a rule, unit
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changes, its secondary effects become often powerfully depressing. The
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These signs are invariably accompanied by a certain amount of general
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a high and honorable standing both in the profession, and before the commu-
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or real want of appetite, always complicated with difficulty in swallowing,
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Our State was new, and the practitioners, coining from the four winds,
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in demonstrating the existence, in ourselves, as well as in all other animal
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of iodin to animals is in part determined by the character of the
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I fear, gentlemen, to weary your patience, but I must add one remark :
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