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sarcomata appear due to its extending by contiguity of tissue, and

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der to obtain a supply of soft water, as certain colors cannot be

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it the dired result of the nihilistic teachings of those who d g

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tion, treatment was commenced with narcotics and stimulants. Diligent

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Dr. Ellis Duncan, of Louisville, has gone to join his family

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we have a disease among our fowls, well known to the old matrons of the

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The next instance of excessive heat occurred in August on the 10th,

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The drug which appears least dangerous, however, is that so often

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Symptoms. The principal symptom is the permanent discharge of

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pyo-pneumo-thorax and septic pleurisy of a rapidly fatal character.

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do you suppose was made by this clergyman of mighty name, this

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Dec. 25, 9, A.M. Did not sleep at all. Is more delirious. Continued

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First as to the penetration of the pericardium. The foreign body,

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material is obtained from calves or cows. In France the vaccine is

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precede the administration of the powder, and in that case, the tempor-

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In the following case, after an hour and three quarters of futile anaes-

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with some frequency in adults or aged animals in consequence of

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w^ork, also appears to be the most pathogenic. It only develops in animals

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been adopted and yet the disease was steadily increasing in inten-

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in the contest, underbidding and depreciation ensue, and the profession

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Prognosis. The prognosis is very grave, it being impossible to pass

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This operation should be undertaken whenever the fever rises to 40° C,

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rising or at the moment when it reaches its highest point, and they


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