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substance of the gelatine and the agar agar and when placed in the
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registration of the heart sounds a method employed by Bonders Marey
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been done better. I include myself with those who have been
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the wrist the fingers are then extended and the flap
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of gonorrhoea well before it is abandoned not stopping
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As a rule however it must be remembered that in attempt
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ner. Schroeder Van der Kolk concludes from his researches that the
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cation the astragalus had been split in two. In one
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present a description of the anatomical condition of the stomach and
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enlarged and inflamed. Such an enlargement does occur
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trate Dr. Cheever s method by cutting from without.
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drawn by a second catheter. When working however with spec
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inflammation was useless while that directed to the removal
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late rarely in early periods of syphilis and are termed
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defurinity or shortening and that he wuh able to raise the heel
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If the blanks in surgical statistics were filled we


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