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With the exception of hygroma of the knee, hygromas are commonei'

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and agglutinins. Tin re is an incubation period between the

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suitable hygienic conditions suggest themselves. Tepid drinks can be

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spasmodic contractions of the accelerator urinse. In . acate cystitis, on

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groups, this is done merel) for clearness in the preparation of

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ticularly in the case of animals, such as oxen, which are given to licking

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These three morbid conditions — leucaemic lymphadenitis, or leuco-

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four feet six inches; in labor with her sixth child, all five having been

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ever, they allow him more years in which to earn his diploma here than

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for the scientific purpose of proving to the physicians, at the north, the

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infected the mother, was identical with that which destroyed the child ?

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wholly incredible. Thus a good balance will turn on the 1-000

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view is quite correct, but the ossific changes are consequences and not

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To lay aside all the other facts Governor Deneen of Illi-

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The function of the liver is more or less interfered with ; the urine is

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physician who is called, finds all the symptoms of strangulation without

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Then there is an exacerbation, with recurrence perhaps of rigors, with

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of patients, doctors, nurses and attendants who might become

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ture of veratrum viride, which acted like a charm ; since which time, Dr.


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