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of an enzooty, and by the fact that it always appears in the same pastures.
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other subjects, unconnected with those upon which I was writing.
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with low typhoid symptoms, and abdominal tenderness, but not much
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too much tension on the popliteal vessels in the reduction. Rather
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should be spared as much as possible, so that the body of the bone
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during the prosecution of his preparatory labors, to be employed rather as a
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new tissue which one recognises under the form of false membranes.
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Iu case a tooth is broken and the bleeding proceeds from the pulp,
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small intestine usually contain no food, but may often show a certain
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through the reticulum and diaphragm in the median plane would enter
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With respect to the style of the getting up, we need only state that is is
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particularly in the meal. The relative rarity of such accidents is
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accident, and confess to a growing dread of the agent. g.
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fully dilated is hound to be followed by increased trouble in
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of the milk in phosphates, but as regards mercurial or iodine prepara-
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rheumatism was to arthritism what scrofula is to tuberculosis. That,
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tracheal tube all the while acting merely as a charm by which to propi-


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