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dicitis, amoebae were found in the ulcerated appendix and
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emanations of the twentieth, we find the hypothetical
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589; choleraic diarrhoea, 5; epidemic diarrhoea, 22;
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in causing his distressing symptoms. His physical condi-
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latus, stain with aniline oil gential violet, steaming
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has tried the subcutaneous injection of this remedy
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with the endourethral knife (Figs. 4 and 5). This is
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do to her entire satisfaction all her housework, eats three
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mosquito in its larval and adult stages. Third : The
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rial parasite still present. The following day, February
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this year will be unique and will bring considerable cap-
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chloride evokes the lung reflex of contraction which
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blood-stream and are carried to the liver, where the excess sugar
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value in the general economy, we laryngologists em-
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of firecrackers prepare a cartridge which is put in
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the strange mental cults. There is no better and sim-
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than any evidence of an infections or inflammatory-
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west wing of the college building. This will enable the
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had paled into insignificance before this megaphonic
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of normal saline, stimulating and aiding th^- emunc-
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sight ?) And here another instance of singular coin-
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tain unimpaired the external and internal fibres of the
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on the matter of the insertion of statements of doses


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