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thirst, especially in a woman of child-bearing age, we

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this latter amount could not provide a sanatorium diet, and adding

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called erosions in virgin and parous and lacerated cer-

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general. Correct any fault in feeding — excess of beans,

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governing the practice of dentistry in this Province.

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of " Small-pox " nailed up all over the town for three months.

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Some Observations on the Use of the Mineral Waters of Saratoga.

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pletely and the wife was warned that any recurrence of his malady would

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Temp. Capt. David S. Brough, M.C, M.B., dated February 22, 1918.

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the wards of my friend and colleague. Dr. Delpech. A certain time

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three no mention is made of the peritoneum. It would take

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it appears. This fact has been proved by all who liave

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America and to France, and has greatly deepened and

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A consideration of the anatomical distribution of the degeneration

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over the surface. No scab was thrown off, but a con-

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(Sternberg), Pneumococcus (Fraenkel), Diplococcus pneumonia? (Weichsel-


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