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which is swollen by the presence of a spore. It is anerobic, grows in

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modic pain, chills, vomiting, &c No other internal marks of disease

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Western States, for the formation of a society, so that those of similar

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by Fig. 228. D, Diaphragm ; FF^, hver ; Tl, pleura ; Fe, omasum ; Re,

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Measurement will give increased size about the dis<

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succeeded in horses and oxen — viz., irrigation of the parts, followed by

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racic cavity, and somewhat congested at their posterior margin ; struc-

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opinion is, that, had the eighty-two treated at the encampment been

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brown tongue, slight convulsions, and died seven hours after the injec-

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Wilson: History of the Tuberculosis Movement in Louisville. 515

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consequence of infection of the thrombus, of umbilical phlebitis, or of

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development of an abscess or gangrene, it is better to slaughter the

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Obstruction, intestinal, inflammatory tumors producing 541

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these cysts undergo regression, after the termination of the

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nectedly, instead of having to piece it out from scattered sections

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than to effect perfect restoration of usefulness for the work previously

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the only absolute test of the presence of a renal or ureteral cal-

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This proteid, being an end product of the white cells, further

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observed and properly interpreted ; (4) the results of operative

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The above experiments, plausible as they seem, are not perfectly satis-


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