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their constituents rearranged so as not to be toxic any long' r.

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cided stand that would tend to show our appreciation of the great worth

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year previous to her death, she noticed a slight soreness of one of the

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matter how slight the symptoms referable to the abdomen, the

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Such, then, is the statistics of results of this new method : Fourteen

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disease, Avhich, though apparently unimportant, may terminate in grave

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are represented by very hard, inelastic vertical partitions. As a con-

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Chronic Indigestion — Obstruction of the Abomasum — Chronic Gastritis —

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becomes the seat of a severe diffuse inflammatory swelling, the course of

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handkerchief, sponge, or lint is used, at least half the chloroform is blown

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horn-secreting membrane ; thirdly, of a horny sheath, the horn properly

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o'clock, when the company left for dinner, it was still alive, and would

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at present. bu1 he does ool think it will be found necessary

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the conjunctiva, together with swelling of the eyelids and photophobia.

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placed before the community, will create confidence and intelligence —

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Associate Profes Hygiene and Bacteriology, The Johns

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