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The results are less uncertain if the worms lodged in the bronchial
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1st, To substitute for McMunn's elixir of opium, prepared after the
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The Americaii Journal of Insanity, published by the New Y'ork
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by breaking into fragments, or again simply by dividing the pedicle
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Madame Pfeiffer, in her " Journey to Iceland," gives the following not
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indications, as in sheep. The gaze seems fixed, the neck is held stiffly
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accustom her to the odor, a very few drops were put upon a handkerchief and
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tions, a similar effort may be made, I am induced to lay before your
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and as the degree of this absorption depends on the length of time that
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charge, exploration of the trachea and chest reveals nothing ; on an
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which will be opened to the doctor by better education of the
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anaesthetic agents is calculated to awaken no little anxiety on the part of the
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The urine is then turbid, of a brownish colour, and charged with
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Dr. James H. Letcher, of Henderson, has returned home
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that it observed any particular line of progress ; on the contrary, the
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accumulates in the pyloric region or in the intestine, and forms obstruct-
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become im^^lanted in the gastric walls and travel in the most diverse
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