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stone is quite small — have a final skiagraphic exposure just be-

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Art. II. — Obligations of Patients to their Physicians.

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It having been remarked in the letter accompanying the parcel from Dr. Currie, that

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ing that chorio-epithelioma has already developed. (Cases

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work of raising a piece of timber, the derrick he had been using, broke

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fungoid growth, however, is less exuberant, suppuration is less abun-

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The areolar tissue was distended with fluid — the cavity of the abdomen

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nary compress fails. The rationale of this procedure should

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districts, sometimes assumes the characteristics of a true epizootic, and

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movement in a vertical plane ; the tail of the epididymis becomes

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with a case whether it is going to be followed by chorio-

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Illicium floridanum.' — The leaves of this species of anisetree are

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now by single rows of deep stitches, but almost universally b>

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oesophagus or to cause difficulty in respiration by partially blocking

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stance;" for, although it is retained as a part of the body, it is just as

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could be inhaled without difficulty, the article received from Dr. Currie, by its violent

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ful, so that examination of the cavity of the mouth should be made with

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happens, they so profoundly affect the animals' general

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This inflammation and suppuration of the deeper seated areolar tex-

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resemble those of the pharynx and oesophagus. The growth may attain

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The wall of the ox's claw is so thin that shoeing is always somewhat

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