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Causation. From an anatomical standpoint, luxation inwards seems

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presence of foreign bodies, the existence of dilatations or contractions

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agent itself, or indirect, i.e., produced by toxins generated in the body.

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nution of bulk must needs do so. In point of fact, that particular state

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two fibroids the size of a pea, our from either cornua entirely

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portant in these cases of acute fever. To active catharsis, prefer-

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By means of the index finger or the index and middle fingers of the

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pneumo-thorax. Treatment is useless, for even allowing that the primary

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without marked fever, and without special injection of the conjunctiva.

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was formerly supposed. He describes the anatomic conditions

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M., commenced with seven drops. The third portion excited severe

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In America, where the flocks are large and scabies is frequent,

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The purity of water is not simply a matter in which is in-

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My work is so filled with the proofs of human fallibility

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for true rheumatism. As true rheumatism is very rare in young animals,

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and of a dark color. The liver contained numerous cavities, in which

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turning is only a manifestation, and even a tardy manifestation, of

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rst, tle-i i — I advocate the formation by our State Medical Society,

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places, the distension in its turn arrests peristalsis, which had previously


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