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this view, to the exclusion of all others, I have not used the term.

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Breed is also considered to have some influence, and laminitis is said

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It makes the soul within us leap for joy, with the prospects of a still

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the conclusion at which they have arrived, viz., that there is no

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Committee : — Subject, The Natural Sciences, — their claims, relative and ab-

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that of a child in its father, that of a creditor in a debtor, that of

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In the Essential or Idiopathic forms of fever it is evident that change

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may prove fatal. There are several native species of tobacco in the

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or us, as they were so intended; but h ike a view from

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The main particulars are the following : A. B , aged twenty-five, was

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is practically without mortality. If in explorations there is

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renal complications occur, and because the disease appears capable of

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throughout the biliary ducts, and partly obstructing the common bile

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establishment of schools of science and departments of agriculture in

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alkaline powders (used in washing table dishes) with the swill. Indi-

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Dr. Thomas ('.. Dunlap, of Atlantic City, is in Louisville vis-

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the same manner as the tumor on the head was with the bones of the

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masses of matter very similar to those sometimes found in the urine, and

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Coates, Esq., M.R.C.S. & L.S.A., Surgeon to the Salisbury Infir-

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layer of the jDleura and may adhere to it, hence the dulness. This dul-


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