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a rise of the blood pressure, especially a sudden one, or which m.iv
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by actual statistics, of that Jordan of Quackery which Behemoth Bull-
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for ten minutes, is an xtremey useful procedure whenever the
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stage anti-psoroptic remedies may be directly employed.
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of the crusts, and are readily recognised under the microscope.
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the eye is too large and the focus falls within the eye, and not
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?st, that a complete muscular relaxation cannot be depended
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nurses, orderlies, etc., the taking of routine throat cultures from
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the congestion peculiar to the early stages of nephritis, traumatic
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In some cases the local manifestations appear to be transferred
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point beyond which if he pass, all the chances are against his recovery,.
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at the present moment the two diseases can scarcely be defined with
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fall into a condition of coma. Locally the udder remains oedematous,
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appearance of the local changes, which consist in painful swelling of
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urine be examined the symptoms might lead to error. Nevertheless, it
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that could not exist, if none but competent men could, or should be al-
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medical assistance becomes extremely difficult in this case, because the
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