Revia Patient Handout

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viscera of the thorax and abdomen exposed by dissection. An artery

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dementia, etc. ; for our view of these great subjects ought to be expan-

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proceed from methods to their application, or from the diagnostic

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alleged, to say that a disease is portable, may be transported from place

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ficulty, move in bed : says he must die. Calls for liquor, and takes sp.

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cythsemia " (Bennett). In the same way it has been shown that the

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truth, and turning from us they devour the trash of medicated almanacs

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ness on percussion gone." Again, on the 20th of September, and for

revia patient handout

Hartenstein has suggested continuous cooling of the cranium by

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necessary or safe. If danger occurs, artificial respiration and galvanism

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intoxication reacts on the vital functions (innervation, secretion,

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estimate anaemia or hypersemia in the ox. The surface of the tongue

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New ¥ork, 1911. Pages 11)3. Sent on receipl of forwarding

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left of the rumen. In the lateral regions muscular fissures can be

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The object to be attained, therefore, is the perfect disinfection of this

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mineral waters. This qualitative analysis resulted in the de-

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scribed, without considering that the examination once made, they may-


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