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vary greatly in intensity, according to the case. As in the interstitial
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be recovering. This deceptive calm is due to the disappearance of the
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the pneumo-thorax (tubercle, superficial abscess, actinomycotic lesion,
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or aggregated tubercles develop in the thickness of the mucous mem-
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general rule. The prognosis and treatment of the affection depend on
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Treatment. Treatment consists in resting the animal and in
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ectomy, however, is the most effective treatment we have up to
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is desired to turn the right testicle, the cord is grasped between the
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more correct surgical manner by using the traction loops than
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rich food that can be easily masticated and digested, and by giving milk
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that complex of symptoms which we recognise as enteritis, intoxication
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The first patient being introduced, I shall ask him : — How long is it
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within and in front of the elbow joint ; at the internal saphenous
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a discrete eruption around the lips and nostrils, sometimes of an erup-
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at the same time sinapisms to various parts, when pain, numbness or
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a time the appetite remains poor. This temporary irritation of the


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