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even now support itself and yield a handsome income to any one wdio

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Assistant Professor of Materia Medica in the Jefferson

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of an injurious principle which Cornevin discovered in the seed and

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with this liquid, retaining this by a bandage slightly compressible.

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to a greater extent than the roof, and is sometimes intersected by

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Specimens were forwarded, from a calf and from a lamb, of enlarged

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months old lambs {Jour, of Comp. Path, and Therap., March, 1896, p. 31).

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and different circumstances render it no longer necessary.

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left hand, a loop of chain about an inch long projecting, and slides

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Proctologics] Society, American - (Jan.) 46, 97, 151

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thrice daily, according to the irritation or effects, otherwise produced.

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dition to the non-adherence of the villi to the decidua retlexa

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organism, and in its body cavity are found a number of germ cells, which

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usual course of Lectures during the summer on Meteria Medica and Ther-

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where he had access to, and used the water of the river. All

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as proof that if one completely injects the vascular system of the liver

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2)er diem for two months together." Though largely consumed by swine

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Each of the individual facts which were published separately in th*>

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