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and whiskey, and then Bent for the Water-Cure doctor to come and treat

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and up-to-date and is hound to supersede any other work on the same

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water four times a day. Copious water drinking is advised to

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of the ears and a drowsy appearance of the eyes. The pulse is slow and

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mediate period, but, nevertheless, much less acute than in scabies.

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Dr. Thomas C. Evans, of Louisville, at his home, October 26,

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En regard to what this materia morbi is, speculation has been busy ;

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may produce eczema if given in large quantities or for long periods.

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Bronchitis and an intestinal irritation analagous to Dysentery, some of

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One positive throat culture was found in a woman who had been

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giving use to the formation of sugar from other substances besides those

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this and the preceding form, though after death the task becomes much

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examine ; moreover, the diseases which affect it are still little understood.

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son avenue, and 1847, when the Spotted Fever made our city desolate, I

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In very old standing cases which have been entirely neglected,

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cised. It has been an honorable, but disastrous fault of our profession, that

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and the great part played by contagion in the propa-

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